Cleaner World Technologies has invented a new renewable power generation technology – a Magnetically Propelled Turbine. The invention has potential applications for large scale power production, small scale power production (i.e. portable generators), electric vehicles, rail power, marine power and more.

Our independent university laboratory energy readings, explanatory video and independent technology report by Professor Chris Gerada of Nottingham University are available for review by OEM’s and major energy companies.

Key Advantages

  • A clean and infinite source of renewable energy – unlike wind or solar.
  • Contactless – minimal wear and tear
  • Simplicity of design for ease of manufacture
  • Scalability and adaptability, depending upon power generation requirements
  • Low cost power generation system
  • Low noise and emission free
  • Minimal maintenance

Independent References

Professor Chris Gerada / Professor of Electrical Machines, Nottingham University, reviewed the invention in its early stages and praised the concept for its “simplicity and potential low cost”. He also identified that it would make an excellent magnetic gear system, especially for items such as wind turbines, white goods, aerospace and more.

Oxford University Innovation Ltd have assisted with IP and marketing landscape reports. Cleaner World Technologies view these results as very favourable.

We are seeking to develop the invention with a suitable licensing partner who can bring the technology to market for multiple applications.

The technology is currently patent pending with the potential for patent coverage in key global markets.

For further information please contact or telephone +44(0)1524 423760