Cleaner World Technologies was established in February 2017 in order to bring the Company’s Magnetically Propelled Turbine and Magnetic Power Transmission inventions to market. The business is owned and operated by Simon Lewis.

Simon also runs a very successful landscaping company. However his real passion has always been in mechanics and engineering, having qualified as a mechanic with VW and Audi in his younger years.

Simon is also an accomplished writer, having published two books ‘The Moon that hides a Secret’ (2015) and ‘The Two Faced Moon’ (2006). Both books investigate the Apollo Missions. Simon also writes for various UK magazines and is a confident conference speaker on the subject.

In his spare time, Simon runs a volunteer group once a week in his local park – Happy Mount Park Volunteers. Simon founded the group and as Chairman, he was very proud that the group was granted the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2012.

Simon always had a fascination with magnetic energy and his thoughts on the subject really came to the forefront in 2015 when he decided to dedicate more time to his invention projects.

Simon is very passionate about the environment and protecting the planet for generations to come.