Our Magnetic Power Transmission invention is a contactless form of power transmission.

The invention has been independently reviewed by Professor Chris Gerada, Professor of Electrical Machines at The University of Nottingham who praised it for its “simplicity and potential low cost.”

Oxford University Innovation Ltd have assisted with IP and marketing landscape reports. Cleaner World Technologies view these results as very favourable.

Key Advantages:

  • Simplicity of design offers a potentially low cost Magnetic Power Transmission system
  • Physical isolation of members – minimal wear & tear
  • Low noise – especially when compared to traditional spur gears at high speed
  • Self-protection against overload – gear simply ‘slips’ if a larger than normal impact load is experienced
  • Non-contact means no loss of power (due to contact friction)
  • Minimal maintenance – no lubrication required

The technology is currently at ‘Patent Pending’ stage. If you are interested in learning more about our magnetic gear invention, or indeed any of our other projects, please complete our contact form or telephone +44 (0)1524 423760.